Suggestion: Higher Tier Magic Trees

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Suggestion: Higher Tier Magic Trees

Post by Daenath » Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:06 pm

While there are more pressing short term issues, I thought I would throw this idea out for future consideration. As of now, players can roll to gain additional schools of magic when they level up. I think it would be interesting to have 2nd tier combined magic trees that reflect the influence of the precursor trees. Or perhaps, for the sake of practicality, a few higher tier individual spells reflecting the precursor trees.

For example, lets say a player has the Earth Magic tree, then gains the Fire Magic tree. Once the player has leveled both of the trees all the way up (or past a sufficiently high threshold), they would unlock an additional talent to put points into. This additional talent would unlock the ability to roll on a tree (or individual spells) that combined fire and earth (such as lava). The spells on on this third tree would have elements of the first 2 combined, such as the already existing lava golem (normal golems would need new progression in the earth tree to make up for moving this) and other lava themed spells in the case of this example.

This would add incentive to level up multiple trees all the way through to unlock the more powerful skills

Thank You for your consideration

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