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Update version

Post by Fredrik » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:49 pm

Update version', 'This is a big update. With a lot of adds and fixes, so I do not have everything in the list below.
The Coop story campaign is finished now. Defend the farmer and arena tournaments modes are integrated and unlocked in Story mode.
Its quite hard to complete the campaign, so first to do it will recive a receive item. You can see videos from the campaign from the media gallery: http://torthegame.com/index.php/media

All accounts are cleared as well. Your character are used as bosses and npcs. You all have received titles according to your accomplishment in last period.

New Pvp mode is also Moba mode. We should arrange some sort of 5vs5 tournament in this mode.

High level items and skills have been made more interesting now as Rhayne\'s Sword and Runesword.
More have been added aswell.

- dissapearing items at spawning and traveling fixed! (for real this time)
- range aim small rework
- if healing target that dies it bugs. fixed
- throwing dynaites and some items works better now
- blind rage works
- berserk will attack closer and have bonus range (so they will always be in range when attacking)
- others attack animations on client cant be seen sometimes
- you get kill if your whirlwind kill anyone
- poisoned melee weapons didnt poison enemies. Fixed
- damage overtime made to much damage. Fixed

- range sounds reloading/shooting
- defence mode only avaible with shield. gives + 5 parry
- item rework. bigger difference
- first aid has faster channeling time with high skillvalue
- stamina rework
- jump and air handling reworked
- performance much better
- Moba mode works fine now
- melee damage fine tuned
- movementspeed calc reworked

- few more weapons
- complete order story campaign
- sounds to more characters
- added few more characters
- footstep sounds and effects
- player titles
- arena progress. unlock new arena tournaments
- players old heroes added as bosses and npcs
- some items and abilities
- ai can use almost all skills and spells now

I recommend to redownload the game: http://torthegame.com/index.php/download
Dont have patches from all version to this one.

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Re: Update version

Post by Finalroge » Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:32 pm

Woah! Excited to try this!!!
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