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Update version

Post by Fredrik » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:41 pm

Another heavy update. New morph system for characters. If you create a character with alot of strength, he will also look strong.
Lots of armors added that follow the characters body. AND Boots added. Most of old characters models are unplayable now.
But you can still unlock and morph you character to different races. Like half-orc, drow and gnome etc..

- New morph character system
- Bonus character creation points for every character you have that completed campain
- About 50 armours added that follows the body
- Quest bugs fixed
- Tourch not showing light fixed
- Anti Cheat
- Small Item changes
- Performance enhancement
- All characters can become vampire
- Vampire more resistant to sun
- 5 Abilities added
- Earth and Shaman magic can be learned from Nature God
- Electric bow nerfed
- Arena dont drop gold
- Items in shop based on bargain and level
- Detailed stat info window
- New Skill level up window and calculations (easier)
- Movement speed penelty from carried weight recalculated
- Spawning outside maps fixed

And a lot of other changes.

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