Known Bugs

Any bugs noticed in-game, post them here. Suggestions/Feedback have a section. Keep this area bugs only.
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Known Bugs

Post by Fredrik » Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:59 am

- Spawn below the map in cave on forestmap
- Old/Broken quest in cave at Northrend
- 2hand grip isnt saved between levels
- chaos defend the farmer spawns angry farmer in beginning

- when travlleing host update its game in gamelist to correct map, but players that have joined the game do the same.
Thats why there are so many games.

- Twohand weapon get stuck in swing position
- when joining arena match in the proccess. loading image isnt disappearing.
- when using transform (ex tree transform) the server can become bugged and several things dont work.
- Cyclops ragdoll
- When Completing Arena there is no proper finish text and you are stuck on level 2 if continuing
- ai being outside arena
- leftmouse clicks all the time
- Ai gets stuck in knockdown modes (has todo with the maxstune time I added last patch)
- Cant see other players after travelling
- Accurecy melee-talent gives range aim
- when completing all rounds in defend the farmer gold ecvation isnt shown and it might be wrong

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