A few bugs I noticed a little too late

Any bugs noticed in-game, post them here. Suggestions/Feedback have a section. Keep this area bugs only.
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The Mighty Tachikoma
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A few bugs I noticed a little too late

Post by The Mighty Tachikoma » Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:37 pm

Sometimes the shaman perma-injury heal doesn't work, but still takes away wisdom(Not sure if the Holy one does this too, but it might be worth looking into).

Insect shaman spell could cause perma injuries despite doing 0 damage(this might be intended or not, not sure). Aside from that, insect swarm also attacks friendlies(also might be intended, not sure. Just putting in here in case).

If you press the hotkey for a ground target spell, then press another hotkey BEFORE casting the spell, but while the target is down on the ground, you will no longer be able to cast that ground target spell for the rest of the game, or until characters reset.

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