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Post by Finalroge » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:25 pm

*Fred lots of things I'm going to mention have already been voiced in-game when the patch first hit but I thought I'd write down what I recall.

The arena matches need more rounds allowing for greater difficulty, as well as AI that can counter Fly somehow.
-Like rock throwing Orges, archers, catapult users, magic users, spear throwers, ect....Flying enemies :D?

The Sacred Arena (Order) On round 2 somehow a zombie jumped way high up and wont come down. people who didn't bring a bow or have magic will be annoyed :P
Oh actually, jump+blink gets you up those ledges. This may be exploitable by ranged characters.
*Found that I can parry knockback an enemy behind the walls in the arena.

When HOSTING it seems the host loses their skill bar upon entering a new area. But I didn't experience this joining a hosted game. The bank also seems buggy when HOSTING and multiple people are present. (Said bug being an empty bank)

Something weird is going on with crossbows? *terrible bug explanation but if you pick one up I'm sure you'll run into the issue or not being able to fire.

Right now all the new maps are Order only, but I know Fred said he may allow Chaos to use those maps until their respective ones have been completed.

Love the new areas!
Miss getting wave exp! *Confirmed, no more exp at end of waves *sadness*
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